torsdag 12 april 2012

Welcome avatar :)

sampark84 Resident: hi everybody... im sampark...
Blanche Argus: Hi sampark welcome to the group :)
sampark84: im frm india... want to help ppl in sl and get help frm othrs...

sampark84: okk... well... hw can i build ahouse in sl... is it hard...?
Blanche Argus: you can try it in a sandbox .. .. and yes it's hard in the beginning :)
sampark84: sand box...?
sampark84: and wht is tht..?
Aake Roffo: a sandbox is a place where you are allowed to create things.
sampark84: do u have any landmark for such a place which u can transfer to me...
Blanche Argus:
sampark84: will let u guys knw if i build something nice...

a little later in the evening..

sampark84: hey will u see my first room its very crude.. but still m happy.......
Blanche Argus: OK. Teleport.

Blanche Argus: so this is your first building in SL?
sampark84: yes...
Blanche Argus: you never try this before?
sampark84: nope...

Blanche Argus: Great, well done :)
sampark84: thnk u.

sampark84: wait.. look inside.. ppl already using my room to change clothes...
Blanche Argus: yes :))

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  1. Some start sooner than others, it took me two years to start building! WTG sampark84! ;)