fredag 11 maj 2012

Rock with AM Quar at Connemara Hills Sunday

Blanche Argus: Welcome to Connemara, this sim is owned by three Swedes and one Norwegian :)
AM Quar: Nice !!
Blanche Argus: nice to meet you :)
AM Quar: nice to meet you too !!
AM Quar: i wass looking at your Profil..youre pretty old in SL !! 5 years
Blanche Argus: and you are 3 soon
AM Quar: yes, time goes fast in SL were pretty busy !!!

Blanche Argus: how do you like Second Life?
AM Quar: i love it, I'm a designer too here.. I make men's clothes..selling is good on Market place
Blanche Argus: ahaa, do you have your own shop here?
AM Quar: yes harder for business here in SL.. people buy more on market place.. or maybe just men do !!

Blanche Argus: you have learned a lot in 3 years?
AM Quar: well yes but its just a matter of time.. and I had time !!! not so much now..
Blanche Argus: have you learned it all by yourself?
AM Quar: yes plus some advices from friends once i a while you know.
Blanche Argus: yes, thats great.
AM Quar: I'm a passionned person.. when i get into something...I don't sleep.

Blanche Argus: do you build too?
AM Quar: small houses..nothing fancy.. i love to build.
Blanche Argus: do you have your own place here?
AM Quar: I only have a free land for premium by the water, i got lucky.. 2 sides protected water.

Blanche Argus: How did you find Second Life?
AM Quar: it was a TV soap..let me think.. CSI they had this episode where a murderer was in SL.. making contact with people and then Kill in RL. I got completely crasy on it had to come here.

Blanche Argus: when did you start playing Live in SL?
AM Quar: It was a new club's closed many open and close here !!!.. was a blues club. I was really nervous the first time, even with 40 years of experience.
Blanche Argus: how did you find the club?
AM Quar: the owner looked at my profile at a blues club, there i was going sometimes, she saw that i play music in RL she invited me there.. I was gonna DJ ( thinking) then a friend of mine who knew I was playing music in RL told me.. I should play here...thats how i got to learn all those stream things..

Blanche Argus: you are my favorite artist in SL :)
AM Quar: Oh thank you.. sometimes i think i'm not good at know...feelings, when i see people leaving...I stress !!! haha!! Thats keeping me working hard !!! But i love to play here people are great.. musicians are really appreciate here.
Blanche Argus: how often do you have conserts in SL?
AM Quar: about 5 to 7 a week.. one hour show.. yesterday i had 3 in a row...3-4-5 H SLT..usually i don't do those. But I forgot to put one so I had 2 it was ok.. but 3 is too much !!!

Blanche Argus: yes, it is.
AM Quar: sometimes I feel i need a break.. but then one day off.. and I cant wait to play here. I don't play anymore in RL.
Blanche Argus: why don't you play in RL?
AM Quar: I got tired of it after all theses years.... and people don't appreciate music anymore.. with computers and all.. so its not fun anymore.. just for the money not good for me. I like better to live on less money.. life is short (RL)

Blanche Argus: what is your best memory during your three years in SL? ..
AM Quar: I have many many best moments... Once we crashed a Sim on my show !! Over 60 people... that was a good one.. or the opening of my big store. I took my friend DJ for the opening.. 40 people for over two hours.. Or when i had this small land i have now, near the water.. i love this small place.. and When I formed my Musician Band the Marvelous... It was really cool working on this project.. the first time I sold a shirt .....haha!! was crasy !!! Then you know people like what you do.. so many nice moments here :-)

AM Quar: what kind of music would you like me to play here ?
Blanche Argus: all you do are good.. some Rock..
AM Quar: ok
Blanche Argus: can I do one request now?
AM Quar: sure.
Blanche Argus: "Somebody Said"
AM Quar: oh !! well I could do it.. strange request.
Blanche Argus: hahaha.. is it?
AM Quar: yes..never thought anybody would ask this one.. me..I like it.
Blanche Argus: :)

AM Quar: I got this scooter lately..and I wanna ride a bit today after the interview...
Blanche Argus: shall we do it?
AM Quar: ??
Blanche Argus: scooter?
AM Quar: In Rl i mean.
Blanche Argus: hahaha.. I thought you mean us here on SL.
AM Quar: :-))
Blanche Argus: sorry..
AM Quar: smile.. thats ok.. RL and SL ... almost same.

Blanche Argus: I dont know if I have any more questions.. do you want to say something more or ask something?
AM Quar: everything is cool for me.. I'll get going then. Thank you for inviting me. I'll see you sunday then Blanche. Can I invite people here from my group sunday.
Blanche Argus: yes sure AM !
AM Quar: ok I start at 12.

Blanche Argus: Thanks so much AM for coming :)
AM Quar: my pleasure... see you Sunday.
Blanche Argus: we are very proud to have you at Connemara on Sunday May 13
AM Quar: thank you !

Start Kl.21.00 - 12PM SLT
Efter AM DJ: Rultan rockar vidare..

Om ni inte vill missaa detta så kom i tid.. simmen tar bara 20

Välkomna från Connemara gänget: Rultan,Trulte,Blanche och Peppe:)

Till Connemara Hills

AM Quar's kläder för män på MP

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  1. Jättebra intervju Blanka!! Nu ser jag verkligen fram emot Irländska aftonen på söndag :))

    Snor bilden från din blogg senare i helgen samt länkar till din intervju, pössss.