onsdag 1 augusti 2012

Intervju Hardcore fox

Blanche Argus: Hi hardcore welcome :)
hardcore fox: hiya.
Blanche Argus: have you been at Connemara?
hardcore fox: nope not yet, first time :)
Blanche Argus: how has it worked for you in SL since Februari 26?
hardcore fox: very good actually :)

Blanche Argus: have you learned anything?
hardcore fox: yes my PC is slow lol
Blanche Argus: haha.. what have you done since you started?
hardcore fox: mostly explored.. I have met a lot of people good and bad.. most want to have sex with me lol
Blanche Argus: thats the backside of SL.
hardcore fox: Yes I know.. its difficult to stay away from the craziness. I like to cruise around on my motorcycle sometimes, but keep getting kick off roads.

Blanche Argus: did you learn it all yourself?
hardcore fox: not really anything I didn't already know. i don't change when I am here I'm the same person as in RL. I get to explore my inner thoughts deeper most are X rated unf but hey lol.

Blanche Argus: have you met new friends here?
hardcore fox: Yes I have. But it stays here in SL. most are closed people and dont want to talk in RL. I respect them all and what they want. I'm learning portuguese by being here :)

Blanche Argus: where are you from? (forgot)
hardcore fox: I live in Central Florida. I'm here a lot more due to the thunderstorms.. can't do any of my work.

Blanche Argus: you will explore Second Life more.
hardcore fox: I will and probably always do.. so much to offer and so little time.
Blanche Argus: is it something you want to learn more?
hardcore fox: mostly I just want to see and do things that I can't do in RL, when you are broke, this is a good alternative :)

Blanche Argus: how did you find Second Life?
hardcore fox: TV on discovery or Nat Geo I think.. It showed what you call the backside of SL.
Blanche Argus: what did they show?
hardcore fox: one of the developers and his SL family and some of the taboo's that are here. It was a show called taboo, I do believe. I will not be as involved here lol ..I do not live such a life in this game, surely.
Blanche Argus: SL is big :)
hardcore fox: I know it is huge. I've seen what they did with Disney here lol. It looks very similar to the real one. I've been there a few times or so lol. The SL one I don't go often so i didn't landmark it, but I'm not a fan of them anyway lol.

Blanche Argus: what more have you discovered here?
hardcore fox: Vehicle line and stuff like that. I thought about developing my own line :)
Blanche Argus: great.
hardcore fox: it's cheaper to do it here than in RL. Other stuff I do is to do some work with my shape, and jumping on and off when ever I have time.

Blanche Argus: how many shapes have you
hardcore fox: I have 4 av's.. a fox, horse, man and necro .. whatever odd creature I want to be lol. I often change shape.. what appeals to me that day.

Blanche Argus: have you learned by yourself how to change?
hardcore fox: yes it is very simple.. took me a week but I got it after a few attempts and my av's sticking it's head up its butt lol

Blanche Argus: do you have a favorite places?
hardcore fox: mythalogical places mostly. Underland and Lost sanctuary. I've found a few just with a slow PC and no time, I don't search enough.

Blanche Argus: ok, nice to talk with you.. wondering how it's going for all in the group Welcome avatar :) Nice to hear that you figured out things and that you enjoy SL.. Is it anything more you want to say?
hardcore fox: I'm not sure you would want to know more lol.. I am mischievous and adventurous ;) and with little time here, I get out a lot.
Blanche Argus: haha.. yes :)
hardcore fox: I have to run to RL unf.. tractor working between rain storms.
Blanche Argus: ohh... thanks hardcore, take care.
hardcore fox: and you too

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