fredag 3 augusti 2012

Intervju Tim Deschanel

Blanche Argus: Thanks Tim for the great pictures!
Normally, I usually do not do interviews via email .. but that's ok :)
Tim Deschanel: It's easier for me to answer by mail because I do not speak much English and I use a translator ;-)

Blanche Argus: Want to ask you some questions for my blog .. are you a photographer in SL?
What do you do in SL?

Tim Deschanel: I am a French explorer at heart,I came to live in the dreams of Second Life. For the five years that I have explored, I've never tired of discovering wonderful things every day.
I decided to take snapshots of SL life and show how I feel and love this world.
I never makes picture in studio.
I tend to take dozens of pictures of one person to find one that is most representative of their SL essence. I have published more than 20600 pictures on Flickr since October 2007.
I like exploring, concerts, exhibitions, performances, dancing, talking to people, laugh and also love my partner.
I like what the CARP do and I have already made several large series of pictures on their performances (METROPOLIS, EMOTICON, The Wall, Follow the light, ...)
I do not work in SL, my work in real life allows me to enjoy and dream in Second Life.

Blanche Argus: But a little editing is done in the studio afterwards, right? :)
Tim Deschanel: Most of my photos are cropped and edited slightly to improve them. That said, anyone can see in SL what I show in my photos, there is ever mounting.

Blanche Argus: You are 6 years old in SL... How did you find Second Life?
Tim Deschanel: I stumbled across Second Life when i surfing Internet.
I already knew 3D worlds but they were less well.

Blanche Argus: What is your favorite memory during these years?
Tim Deschanel: I do not have only one favorite memory during these 6 years ... Discover wonderful build often makes me dream of happiness. Happiness is a set of things and that is all these things Virtual together that are wonderfull.
Finding virtual love was also a very big surprise !

Blanche Argus: If you wish to add anything more about SL so do it :)
Tim Deschanel: In supplement, I would say that Second Life is a virtual world full of reality and real feelings ... it is not a game ;-)

Tim Deschanel's photostream Flickr.

P.S Bilderna tog Tim när jag var på öppet rep av theChange, jag hade ingen aning om att han fotade mig i vimlet :))

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  1. Thank you enjoy my pictures and to interview me, Blanche.
    Hope to meet you again through my explorations and beautiful performances we can see in Second Life :-))