tisdag 13 november 2012

/////// Blanches Monastery /////// Information

This is what The Monastery can offer:

* Marriage

* Meditation

* "Confession of Father Alf" Do you need to talk or support?
- Confidentiality applies.
- Contact Alf for appointment. NC or E-mail "alfdeejay@gmail.com"

* Beds for homeless upstairs, selfservice of good soup downstairs.

* Groups for Women (with Blanche) and Men separately (with Alf)
- You sit down and chat or voice for those who want in a a group.

* Everyone is welcome and it is not religious, talking about
- everything.

* One rule is that all meetings / words is secrecy, there is no "copy" - of any kind, whether on blogs or spread on IM.

* More events, projects and surprises, will be soon...

* Dont miss next event - Join the group.

* Welcome whenever you want.


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