torsdag 24 oktober 2013

Intervju Ultraviolet Alter

Blanche Argus: Hallo Ultraviolet, nice to meet you :)
Ultraviolet Alter: Hi Blanche, welcome to my little home.
Blanche Argus: thanks :)

Blanche Argus: how long have you lived here?
Ultraviolet Alter: in this place here, maybe 1 year. I had a homestead but the owner sold the sim.
Blanche Argus: have you built this?
Ultraviolet Alter: this house no i didn't I just decorate it. I have many types in my inventory, but this one is very warmly. I have a kind of workshop space up above that platform. I am also co curator of the artsim below, Reves d'ame.

Blanche Argus: I'm very curious about you as an artist :)
Ultraviolet Alter: ask me what you like Blanche.
Blanche Argus: are you an artist in RL also?
Ultraviolet Alter: no I am not, well I play some instruments of course, acoustique, piano and some classical guitar and violin, clarinet too.

Blanche Argus: how did you learn to play in SL?
Ultraviolet Alter: ah that well.. I was messing with sounds electronic, well its not a good term really because now sound is so dimensional. I had some recordings, and my friend Betty Tureaud say to me one day, that she was doing an opening and was looking for music. Just like that I dared to say.. oh listen to this? So I streamed something and she say right you play at the opening. I heard myself saying OK. I was a bit worried after but I decided I have to do this experience, that was how it began. I always mention Betty because if she had not had that confidence in me, maybe i would never have done it.

Blanche Argus: what instrument do you use?
Ultraviolet Alter: oow what instruments, many many. People ask me in the performance sometime, but I always refuse to say what, because its not the left brain thing you know? technique and things, its the music experience in the place the moment, the art, the people, the unique is what I want. I don't record my performance and after there is no trace, this is what I am liking. Am I making sense?

Blanche Argus: do you improvise?
Ultraviolet Alter: yes i do. Of course I have prepared some sounds like maybe rhythm or sometimes recording that I do. But I am very aware that it become not too - how to say - fixed and i do a lot of impro, playing the keyboard and making sounds happen and this kind of thing.

Blanche Argus: when did you start playing instruments on SL?
Ultraviolet Alter: mm.. I have to remember the date Betty did tell me. I think December 2009, I have done with Betty about 10 concerts since a year, but also i have done other ones in and around those.

Blanche Argus: aren't you nervous when you improvise?
Ultraviolet Alter: Very at the beginning, less now, but always. I have to find it at the moment and let it happen, and sometime the flow is better than others, or there can be technical things that interrupt, SL of course. But I am proud to have been able to do this and have success.
We are all pioneer to do this really and a performance is everyone together, its quite special to me.

Ultraviolet Alter: I have made build in Burning Man for the last 3 years, this is my 4th. I made a build in the theme of 'Cargo Cult' It's the BM theme this year. I didn't give the build a name. I didn't write about it, didn't give the name an description for the press day. Just it is there to be discovered by someone. I don't have description of it or meaning to offer. I made by intuition and feeling, after I look at it and wonder what it is, others will tell me maybe. There are some pics on Apmels blog.

Blanche Argus: have you built something more on SL?
Ultraviolet Alter: Yes, I have done installation of my own and often do my own stage design.
Blanche Argus: have you learned to build by yourself?
Ultraviolet Alter: yes I learned from just trying. I am not really a builder. I'm just doing art.

Blanche Argus: You're almost six years on SL, how did you find Second Life?
Ultraviolet Alter: mm..I began in a year earlier than show on my profile. It started just by curiosity, a friend mentioned this Second Life thing and I was curious so I made an av and explored. I didn't understand much but liked to talk with people.

Blanche Argus: what did you do more at the beginning?
Ultraviolet Alter: ow at the beginning I went to hear music, dansed a lot, shopped a lot, just looking around, and then one day a friend I had met told me of a house to rent. I began to rent and it became really special, like a home a place where I could be, a space, so I decorate and meditate there and be there. Somewhere to be in SL - to come out from to go back to, this was so important. I think I made atmosphere there and from there I moved to other places, each time a bit more space, until the Homestead, My own island - that was wonderful. I made art there, had houses, invited friends. I think I had it for 3 years.

Blanche Argus: have you created your avatar by yourself?
Ultraviolet Alter: In what way do you mean Blanche?
Blanche Argus: where did you find youre avatar?
Ultraviolet Alter: scccht :-) secret lol
Blanche Argus: hahha ok.
Ultraviolet Alter: °-)

Blanche Argus: are you in the LEA project?
Ultraviolet Alter: No I am not, I was just the concert. I did a soundscape for an LEA project once. Do I sound really egoist?
Blanche Argus: noooo.. I want to hear all about you ;)
Ultraviolet Alter: ooooww ok - just tell me if I do.

Ultraviolet Alter: there is a short film that was made of a BM install too if that interest to you.
Blanche Argus: yes:)

Soul Chambers

Ultraviolet Alter: there are other videos and things and performances if you need I can search for them.
Blanche Argus: yes please :)
Ultraviolet Alter: This is a installation I did, but someone else filmed it and put some music, its a shame because I had made a whole soundtrack.
Blanche Argus: why did that happened?
Ultraviolet Alter: because there are people that do that, they don't ask or collaborate, but its a nice initiative too, if its done well.

Mind Pageant machinima

Ultraviolet Alter: this next one I did all the sound in a collaboration for UWA competition. We were two and won I think second prize, that was thrilling. First time I ever won a prize in my life.

To Be The Wind

Blanche Argus: when is youre next performance?
Ultraviolet Alter: mm just a small ambient concert in 2 weeks.
Blanche Argus: where?
Ultraviolet Alter: I am not sure exactly yet but I can tell you as soon as I know. Just to say I have a group for to be informed of when I am playing, called Ultrasonne.
Blanche Argus: Thanks Ultra for the interview, I appreciate this :)
Ultraviolet Alter: really enjoyed it Blanche.

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  1. Thank you for interviewing one of my longest standing favorites in SL blanche! I rarely miss a concert of hers :)