torsdag 3 oktober 2013

LEA project - Linden Endowment for Art

Blanche Argus: tell me about your project?
Marmaduke Arado: this is a LEA project by our friend Eupalinos Ugajin, he invited several artists to contribute collectively, the theme is more or less "rafts at sea". The idea is to have several works floating on the sea and sometimes colliding with each other.
Kikas Babenco: it's great to work trying to syncronize with others.
Marmaduke Arado: we're experimenting with wearing objects and what we call "Instant scenes". in SL you can change the reality around you at any time. The idea is that the artwork only exists when you become part of it.
This should open in about 2 weeks.

Marmaduke Arado: i can give you the notecard.

I would like to invite you to join the following project which will open in october, LEA20 sim:
"Rafts/structures" move at random at the sea level of the sim.
(The script "float on water" below could be used a starting point but all ideas/directions are welcomed).
What is your raft/structure about, what happens (or does not happen) when it collides/comes close to the others (or specific one) ?

If interested please send me your email so I can invite you to a shared board on the web I created.
Once you have joined this shared board* (by clicking the invite link you will receive by email) you will be able to post your ideas/projects/sketches... so others might "respond" with their builds... to your ideas.
In SL I will invite you in the "Kou!" group = rez rights. Around 500 prims max per person (can be more if needed). You are not limited to one raft/structure.
Hope to see you there,

Eupalinos =

* only works with Chrome, Firefox and Safari and IE10

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