torsdag 7 november 2013

C.A.L.L. Exhibition

Blanche Argus: Hi Wait.
Walt: hi Blanche.
Blanche Argus: can all joined this?
Walt: yes sure - this is an open exhibit and actually we have one free space :)

Wait: welcome to the CALL exhibition.
Blanche Argus: Thanks. Great that I came now.
Walt: well, i wanted to make a final CALL tonite - but you saved me from doing that.
Blanche Argus: the last space :)
Walt: yup.

Blanche Argus: are you the manager?
Walt: yes - this is my gallery - and i am organising this, of course you are welcome to look around - there are a few more rooms :)

Blanche Argus: why do you do this exhibition?
Walt: well, there is a big discussion about the current LL TOS going on at the moment - the UCCSL group was founded some time ago and things are starting to move already. I thought it was a good idea, to use give another platform to the discussion with this exhibit. in the first place this room was to be rented out - but now it is engaged with this non-commercial project until the end of the year. The theme of this exhibit is the creative protest against LL TOS. I asked artist to create a piece of art they would gladly grant to LL - so they don't have to steal it lool.


C.A.L.L. Exhibition Opening Party - November 10 - 1 pm SLT

Sunday, November 10 at 1 pm SLT
Somnium Photo Art Gallery in cooperation with the UCCSL group invites to the opening party of C.A.L.L. Exhibition - Creators against Linden Lab TOS. All exposed art is property of LL - so take a free copy

Somnium Photo Art Gallery invites artists in SL to take part in a free, open and non-commercial exhibition - C.A.L.L. (Creators against Linden Lab)

Create a piece of art that expresses your creative protest against the Linden Lab terms of service section 2.3. - granting a full license of all your creative content in SL to Linden Lab - create a piece of art which property rights you will gladly grant on your own free will to Linden Lab.

Somnium Photo Art Gallery will host an exhibition with these pieces of art throughout November and December.

Remember that Linden Lab "owns Intellectual Property Rights in (...) Linden Lab trademarks, service marks, trade names, logos" - as it is stated in the same document which grants full property rights to LL for all YOUR creative content. Don't use anything that violates legal property rights of LL - don't be insulting or (too) vulgar. The theme of this exhibition is a serious topic, concerning the legal rights of all of us .. but hey, lets keep cool anyway!

LM till utställningen

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